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EK ARCHITECTURE, PLLC provides imaginative designs, artistically combines luxury and sustainability, aims to uplift users’ moods and productivity, and transforms the environment to suit ever-changing desires.

Having expert knowledge of eco-districts, data-driven smart eco-cities, well-being-driven, sustainable, healthy, and high-performance building design & construction, net zero energy housing, passive house, LEED, WELL certification programs, computational design, and BIM, EK Architecture, PLLC currently offers seamless design through construction administration services for residential and mixed-use projects, including high-performance retrofits, and deep remodel in New York. We also assist homeowners with local state incentive programs for high-performance retrofits.


Fifty Shades of Finger Lakes

New custom home project designed for Upstate New York with strategically located recessed overhang and rotating modular shades that provide a comfortable and stylish environment. The building and interior are designed to be unique and artistic. The exterior pool blending in nature, the custom kitchen and bar, custom corner worktables, feature stairs, custom dining table & sofa, and the master bedroom with antique mirror and wood finishes are designed to inspire with their organic forms and textures. This project combines sustainable and luxurious living.


Hudson Valley Wellness Hut

Welcome to Hudson Valley Wellness Hut, a sustainable retreat nestled in tranquil woods. This unique wellness haven, crafted from reclaimed wood, reflects modern architecture, environmental responsibility, and a unique blend of Americana and urban-inspired aesthetics. At the heart of the retreat is a pool house with organic form and sophisticated woodblock structures, offering a serene oasis bathed in sunrays. Illuminated interiors highlight nautical details and one-of-a-kind pieces, creating an inviting ambiance. This sanctuary, situated between urban dynamism and natural tranquility, invites you to experience the adventure of the outdoors and the peace of woodland scenery. Enjoy the journey at the Wellness Hut.


Biophilic Hamptons

Set among the woods, the imaginative Hampton home designs come alive with their playful, spiraling structures. These homes feature unique, bulbous exteriors, beautifully dressed in dark brown and light bronze hues. Their interiors are artistically infused with naturalistic elements, enhancing the overall charm. A shimmering pool at the heart of their design casts captivating sparkling reflections, embodying the Poolcore aesthetic. The fluid lines and organic shapes transform these homes into modern-day fairy tales tucked away in the forest, their dark and reflective surfaces contributing to an elegant finish.


The FutureHavens

The FutureHavens project introduces a zero-energy, Passive House design specifically tailored for NYC's R6 to R10 districts' quality housing. Adhering to R1 or R2 construction types and respecting height restrictions, it employs sustainable strategies and Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) for carbon-efficient construction. The design optimizes window placement for natural light and solar energy use, minimizing heat gain. FutureHavens goes beyond energy efficiency, prioritizing health and well-being with superior soundproofing and climate control. These principles signify sustainable urban living, blending thoughtful design, eco-friendly materials, and a commitment to residents' comfort. In alignment with Local Law 97, FutureHavens contributes to NYC's carbon neutrality goals by minimizing emissions from large private buildings. The project's commitment to zero-energy design and usage of sustainable materials like Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) directly supports the law's aim to cut building emissions by 40% by 2030. FutureHavens sets a benchmark for sustainable, carbon-neutral urban living by 2050 by ensuring energy efficiency and superior indoor climate control. This commitment aligns with NYC's efforts to combat climate change, reinforcing the city's agenda to transition towards a more sustainable future.


Riverdale Bronx Affordable Luxury

Welcome to the Riverdale Bronx Sustainable Luxury Single-Family Home, where Scandinavian-style wood design meets opulent features, epitomizing eco-conscious living. This residence showcases energy efficiency through insulated walls, solar panels, and LED lighting, complemented by passive design principles. Locally sourced wood and water-saving fixtures further enhance sustainability. The exterior's light-toned wood siding harmonizes with the surroundings, while high-end finishes add timeless luxury. Inside, the open floor plan is enriched by sustainable flooring, high ceilings, and smart home integration. Luxury fixtures and custom millwork adorn the home, alongside spa-like bathrooms and entertainment spaces. Scandinavian-inspired color schemes create a serene ambiance, complemented by natural materials. Outdoor living spaces seamlessly connect with nature, featuring sustainable furniture and landscaping promoting water conservation. The Riverdale Bronx Sustainable Luxury Single-Family Home offers an elegant haven for those seeking both luxury and environmental responsibility.



Welcome to “InnFuse: the Luxury EcoVillage” designed by onE.GLobe!

In Upstate New York, the possibilities for attracting diverse communities, including remotely working individuals and families, are full of promise. Furthermore, as the manufacturing sector in Upstate New York continues to evolve, particularly in computer and electronic product manufacturing, new avenues for expansion and the emergence of high-tech employment are on the horizon. Moreover, the region might exhibit notable growth in various leading-edge industries and technology sectors.

Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the Finger Lakes region, renowned for its natural splendor, wineries, and outdoor recreational offerings, an innovative concept emerges. The Luxury EcoVillage stands as a testament to our dedication to harmonious coexistence with nature.

Drawing inspiration from biophilic design principles and energy self-sufficiency seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment, fostering a symbiotic relationship between residents and nature. Every aspect of the village is meticulously crafted to maximize sustainability, regeneration, and the epitome of luxurious living.

The dwellings within The Luxury EcoVillage are architectural marvels, effortlessly blending cutting-edge design with natural elements. Living walls, green roofs, and expansive windows invite ample natural light and panoramic views of the lush landscapes. Indigenous plants and gardens envelop each residence, promoting biodiversity and creating a haven for local flora and fauna.


Westchester County Sustainable Luxury

Introducing Sustainable Luxury in Westchester County, a home that masterfully combines contemporary aesthetics with the principles of eco-conscious design. Nestled amongst the changing colors of fall, the house is constructed with Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and reclaimed wood, manifesting our commitment to sustainability and carbon sequestration. Glass, a predominant element, crafts an immersive, seamless connection with the outdoors. Featuring coastal and harbor views, the design pays homage to romantic riverscapes while maintaining a rustic, tonalist color scheme that harmonizes with the surrounding woods. The refined variation in wood grains adds a layered depth to this elegant home, making it a beacon of sustainable luxury.


Fairfield County Sustainability & Wellness Haven

Welcome to the Fairfield County, Connecticut Sustainability and Wellness Haven, where Scandinavian-style wood design blends with luxurious elements for an eco-conscious lifestyle. This home emphasizes energy efficiency with insulated walls, solar panels, and LED lighting, alongside passive design principles. Locally sourced wood and water-saving fixtures further contribute to sustainability. The exterior features light-toned wood siding that complements the surroundings, while high-end finishes exude timeless luxury. Inside, the open floor plan boasts sustainable flooring, high ceilings, and smart home integration. Luxury fixtures, custom millwork, and spa-like bathrooms create an upscale atmosphere. The serene ambiance continues with Scandinavian-inspired color schemes and natural materials. Outdoor living spaces seamlessly merge with nature, showcasing sustainable furniture and water-conserving landscaping. The Fairfield County home offers a refined sanctuary for those seeking luxury with an environmental conscience.


Hudson Valley Sustainable Luxury

Welcome to an enchanting haven nestled in the heart of the woods, where iconic, weathered modular cabins, made of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and reclaimed wood, radiate tranquility and sustainability. With a regenerative, carbon-sequestering design, these serene structures take inspiration from American tonalism, featuring soft edges, blurred details, and a soothing palette of dark white and light brown. Large glass elements infuse the interiors with abundant natural light, amplifying the stunning outdoor scenes, while the modernist landscapes capture nature's essence. These custom homes, adorned in muted, earthy tones, provide a harmonious retreat that masterfully integrates the built environment with its natural surroundings.


Hudson Valley Sustainable Luxury Home

Welcome to the Hudson Valley Sustainable Luxury Home, a modern masterpiece tucked away in the tranquil woods. This house, distinguished by its exterior wood siding and modular construction, is a splendid blend of urban grittiness and nature-inspired aesthetics. It is designed in muted colors and textural prints and boasts an elegant palette of light black, bronze, brown, and subtle warm tones. The metallic accents, harmonizing with the surrounding natural beauty, lend a distinct charm to this contemporary retreat. Made from Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and reclaimed wood, the home is a testament to our commitment to sustainability, regenerative design, and carbon sequestration. This combination of modern design and respect for the environment makes it a truly unique luxury residence.


Sustainable Chic Hudson Valley Getaway Hut

The Sustainable Chic Hudson Valley Getaway Hut is a captivating modern rustic house amidst tranquil woods. With a wooden deck, fireplace, and pool, it exudes a perfect blend of organic simplicity and contemporary DIY elements. Embracing aesthetics like cabin core, cottage punk, and poolcore, the design incorporates earthy naturalism and muted tones. Inside, you'll find sophisticated woodblock accents and whimsical details; outside, the luminous reflections and atmospheric woodland imagery add to its allure. The high-quality photos capture its beauty, accentuated by moody lighting and sparkling water reflections. This enchanting retreat promises a serene escape amidst coastal scenery, where nature and chic simplicity seamlessly harmonize.


Sustainable Cliff Top House in the Hamptons

Welcome to the Sustainable Cliff Top House in the Hamptons, a modern and eco-friendly cabin offering breathtaking views of the ocean. With open sides overlooking the waters, it embraces contemporary design with subtle, earthy tones, and organic simplicity, allowing you to enjoy plein-air living. Surrounded by nature, the cabin provides minimalist zen-inspired beach scenes and captivating harbor views, immersing you in tranquility. Luxurious yet harmonious with nature, this small cabin on the cliffs offers a clean, streamlined feel, while the rocky slope positioning overlooking a pond. Nature-inspired and contemporary, this wood-clad sanctuary ensures a remarkable and serene escape.


Sustainable Luxury at Staten Island's North Shore

Welcome to Staten Island's North Shore, where sustainable luxury forms in a striking modern home enveloped by lush greenery. This architectural masterpiece, defined by its clean lines and modular construction, is meticulously crafted from reclaimed wood and Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT). Exhibiting the essence of minimalistic design, the house also features textured richness from different shades of vertical wood panels. Drenched in a golden light, it reveals a serene palette of light gray, bronze, and brown, blending harmoniously with the surrounding nature. The expansive glass facades enhance its allure, fostering a seamless indoor and outdoor connection. Above all, this home stands as a symbol of our unwavering dedication to sustainability, regenerative design, and carbon sequestration. This is where modern living meets ecological consciousness.


Greene County Sustainable Retreat Home

Welcome to Greene County Sustainable Retreat Home, an embodiment of rustic abstraction in a sustainable package. Constructed from natural wood with a pool area, the house blends contemporary design with earthy palettes. Sunrays grace the intensely detailed structure, creating a tranquil play of light and shadow. The outdoor section features reclaimed wood walls, weathered materials, and an iridescent multilayered theme that exudes rustic charm and cottagepunk aesthetics. The large pool deck offers an expansive space with subtle color gradations and graphic symmetrical patterns. Marrying rustic abstraction with poolcore style, this home is a harmonious symphony of sustainable design and rustic charm.


Hudson Valley Retreat

Welcome to Hudson Valley Retreat, a stunning sanctuary nestled in reclaimed woods. Its centerpiece, a modern pool house, melds earthy organic shapes with coastal landscapes, showcasing vernacular architecture in organic forms and patterns. This beautiful home is further accentuated by atmospheric woodland imagery, irregular curvilinear forms, and earthy tones, translating into detailed nature depictions across its angled compositions. The outdoor pool pavilion, constructed of wood, captivates with its dramatic diagonals and modernist style, creating a varied texture that reflects the retreat's commitment to integrating the natural and the manmade. Experience the harmony of earthy simplicity and modern elegance at Hudson Valley Retreat.


Hudson Woods Artist Residence

Introducing the Hudson Woods Artist Residence, a vibrant beacon of sustainability nestled in New York. This modern, large, white beach house manifests a brilliant symphony of weathered materials and varied wood grains, evoking an enduring sense of rustic charm. Intricate details coupled with bold, graphic lines articulate a whimsical yet balanced symmetrical design. Its sun-kissed custom pool, open wood deck, and dynamic outdoor shots immerse you in an enchanting coastal ambiance. The home's muted, earthy tones, energized by bold coloration and adorned with sunrays, celebrate the essence of poolcore and cabincore aesthetics. The Hudson Woods is where sustainable luxury meets rustic retreat.


Southampton Beach House

Introducing the Southampton Beach House, a blend of poolcore aesthetics and coastal charm. This architectural gem features an wooden pool, mirroring the tranquil sea, set against a warm brown and gray exterior. The design harmonizes organic architecture and cityscape elements, embodying modern elegance. The twilight hues reflected in the pool contrast beautifully with layered architectural compositions, while lush coastal views interweave seamlessly with organic forms. This home stands as an exquisite embodiment of the poolcore aesthetic, offering a premium coastal living experience.

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