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We think ahead of time, develop novel programmatic ideas, and design timelessly with the future in mind using the latest technology to provide value-generating, imaginative, healthy, and high-performing spaces.

Our architecture and interior design workflow integrate cutting-edge technologies to streamline the process:

  • Client interview to gather essential information.

  • Utilizing AI to rapidly produce design alternatives for the site or building interior, minimizing time-consuming iterations.

  • Quickly converting selected design images into a 3D model using coding.

  • Efficiently creating permit and construction documents from the BIM model, refining details utilizing virtual headsets to facilitate smooth construction.

Furthermore, our expertise in creating healthy and high-performing buildings is unparalleled. Whether or not certification is pursued, we are committed to recommending the finest details to foster healthy environments while keeping operational budgets minimal.


Situated on the outskirts of Austin within the Oakcrest Ranchettes subdivision, Project RtecH|VE covers 1.5 acres and transcends the traditional residential project concept. It's crafted as a vibrant ecosystem that integrates art, technology, and sustainable practices seamlessly. This development serves as a creative nexus for artists, tech innovators, and entrepreneurs, fostering an environment ripe for collaboration and a melting pot of ideas and cultural exchange.

Project RtecH|VE distinguishes itself by using modular, adaptable living units, which can be 3D printed in assorted clusters using large-scale 3D printing platforms. It offers a versatile housing solution that can be customized to align with the distinctive needs of growing progressive locales across the U.S., such as Boulder, Asheville, and Madison. This innovative approach ensures the project's scalability, sustainability, and capacity to foster groundbreaking living environments.

Central to its innovation, RtecH|VE leverages 3D printing technology to boost construction efficiency, affordability, and sustainability. It champions self-sufficiency and high performance, integrating adaptive shading, light reflectors along upper glazing, permeable pavers, rooftop rainwater, and solar energy harvesting, heat pump water heaters and air conditioning systems with energy recovery, bio-waste composting, and green wall integrated guardrails featuring drought-resistant Virginia creepers. This holistic approach underscores the project's commitment to ecological responsibility and operational excellence within a sustainable framework.

RtecH|VE is committed to creating an adaptable, sustainable, and inclusive living space, setting new standards in community development by emphasizing environmental responsibility and the dynamic needs of its residents. The project is a bold stride towards a future where living spaces are affordable and eco-friendly and nurtures a strong, interconnected community ethos. Through innovative features such as coworking spaces, community gardens, and renewable energy systems, RtecH|VE is not just building houses—it's sculpting a sustainable, community-focused future that resonates with the principles of living in harmony with nature.

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WorkOut, a trailblazing design proposal, winner of the German Design Award 2024 - Excellent Architecture - Conceptual Architecture category.

The projects was also shortlisted at the WAF Isolation Transformed 2020 and a finalist at the Architizer A+Awards 2023, in the Unbuilt Commercial Category alongside five other distinguished global finalists.

The "WorkOut" project presents an innovative and socially conscious approach to architecture and urban planning. It's a multi-faceted concept that addresses several contemporary challenges and trends:

Remote Working and Learning: The rise of remote work and e-learning has created a need for flexible, accessible workspaces outside the traditional office or classroom. WorkOut offers a solution that not only caters to this need but does so in a way that encourages outdoor activity and social interaction, countering the isolation often experienced in remote working scenarios.

Biophilic Design: This aspect of the design, focusing on human's innate connection to nature, is particularly noteworthy. By incorporating natural elements and promoting outdoor activities, WorkOut aims to reduce stress and enhance well-being, which is increasingly important in our fast-paced, urbanized world.

Sustainable and Adaptive Use of Space: The project's emphasis on reconfigurability and the use of modular components is a forward-thinking approach. It allows for the efficient use of space in urban environments, where the scarcity of affordable housing is a pressing issue. The idea of transforming vacant office spaces into housing, while using parks and rooftops for remote working, reflects a sustainable and adaptive approach to urban planning.

Community and Networking: The concept of transforming work into a leisure activity and creating spaces that foster networking and social interactions is innovative. This aspect of WorkOut could have significant positive impacts on mental health and the creation of collaborative communities.

Flexibility and Accessibility: The ability to rent modules for varying durations and for different purposes, including meetings or group work, speaks to the flexibility and user-friendliness of the design. This adaptability makes it accessible to a wide range of users, from individual remote workers to groups and businesses.

Global Network Potential: The idea of WorkOut being a worldwide network implies the potential for international connections and collaborations, further enhancing its value as a tool for networking and global community building.

In summary, WorkOut is a thoughtfully designed concept that addresses modern work-life challenges, promotes sustainability, and fosters community and well-being. Its recognition in various architectural and design awards underscores its innovative approach and potential impact on future urban and workspace designs.

© 2024 by Esra Karagoz | All Rights Reserved.


We create innovative and practical architectural designs that transform urban spaces. We are committed to providing our clients with the best solutions for their budgets and timelines and are dedicated to working closely with each client to bring their projects to fruition. We take pride in offering the highest quality service and strive to exceed expectations.


In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City, particularly impacting the retail food sector and community socializing, a novel initiative named AmphISPIRAL has been introduced. This innovative project seeks to rejuvenate public spaces by offering a multifunctional area for food vendors, farmers, and individuals eager to engage in outdoor activities amidst these challenging times. AmphISPIRAL integrates various functions within its unique structure, including food retail, areas for picnicking, sunbathing, relaxation, and social interactions. Its design, inspired by an amphitheater, spirals upward to create a communal space suitable for performances, fostering a sense of unity among community members.

Constructed from sustainable, easy-to-assemble materials, AmphISPIRAL emphasizes safety and health protocols by incorporating six-foot distancing markers on the wooden boards used in its construction. These markers are designed to be subtle yet effective, ensuring individuals maintain safe distances while using the facility. The signage, though minimalistic, is strategically placed on both sides of the boards for maximum visibility.

AmphISPIRAL not only addresses the immediate needs of the city during the pandemic but also looks to the future. It celebrates New York City's dynamic and diverse culture, with plans to remain a permanent fixture in the urban landscape. As the pandemic recedes, the six-foot distance signs are intended to fade, leaving behind a versatile space that has adapted to a post-pandemic world, continuing to serve as a testament to the city's resilience and community spirit.

© 2024 by Esra Karagoz | All Rights Reserved.


We create structures that are not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally friendly and energy efficient. We strive to push the boundaries of traditional architectural design to develop solutions to the ever-changing uses, health, and energy crisis. With our unique approach, we can build prototypes of the future that are flexible and scalable. 


In today's rapidly evolving world, traditional skyscrapers fail to meet the dynamic demands of use, health, and energy efficiency. Recognizing this gap, onE.GLobe introduces Amoeba Fusion, a groundbreaking concept designed to redefine urban living and working spaces. This innovative approach brings to life flexible, scalable, and organically grown structures that seamlessly adapt to any scenario, fostering a live-work-play ecosystem that evolves with its inhabitants' needs.

Understanding the profound impact of stress on human health—which accounts for approximately 75% of chronic disease and disability—Amoeba Fusion places a strong emphasis on creating environments that nurture well-being. By integrating expansive green spaces, water features, and a mix of uses within close proximity, the project not only aims to enhance human health but also to address critical environmental goals like energy conservation and carbon sequestration. This holistic approach leverages nature’s benefits to foster happier, healthier communities while supporting renewable energy production and environmental resilience.

Amoeba Fusion champions the concept of decentralized, vibrant communities centered around innovation and entrepreneurship. Envisioned as a living organism, the structure is designed to expand both horizontally and vertically, introducing new cores as needed to suit site-specific conditions. This growth strategy allows for the creation of public plazas enveloped by the building, offering shaded, welcoming spaces for communal interaction.

The project boasts a self-sustaining design featuring flexible 3D printed dwellings and workspaces, enveloped by semi-open gardens and an atrium. With deep floor plates that welcome daylight, the layout is optimized for open-plan offices and living spaces. Infrastructure elements like electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are modular, allowing for easy integration of 3D printed components. Inflatable shells, enhanced with air-purifying plants, accommodate customizable living and working modules, fostering a plug-and-play ethos.

Amoeba Fusion is strategically located in New York City’s General Commercial Zoning district, harmonizing with Lincoln Square and Hell’s Kitchen’s vibrant culinary, cultural, and transportation hubs. This setting provides a fertile ground for a diverse, innovative community, propelling the project beyond conventional luxury residential offerings by focusing on the needs of forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

By eliminating traditional corridors and introducing garden spaces around units, Amoeba Fusion encourages social interaction within a compact, efficient layout. This design philosophy not only maximizes space but also aligns with the project’s goal to cultivate a resilient, adaptive community poised to thrive in a post-pandemic world and beyond. Through its pioneering live-work-play environments, Amoeba Fusion represents a visionary step towards addressing future challenges, promoting sustainability, and enhancing urban life for innovative individuals.

© 2024 by Esra Karagoz | All Rights Reserved.

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